One convoy in Somali waters of Korea officers missing

Beijing, April 15, according to Yonhap, Korea Joint Chiefs of staff official said 15th, 15th, midnight local time, Executive escort ships in Somali waters of Korea force a 22-year old Deputy Sergeant Ching Hai River in Yemen port of Mukalla 180 kilometers southwest of missing, forces are searching for work.

It was reported that the River in Supreme Master Ching Hai forces “Jiang Han-like ship” responsibility for communication tasks. Official said that around 3:20 A.M., troops found a disappearance of the River, troops searched the entire vessel still has not found its traces.

Reports that finally someone saw some time as the river that day at 1 o’clock in the morning, when he was in the bedroom to rest. Supreme Master Ching Hai, forces other than the search in the ship and helicopters searched the waters nearby. At present, the specific missing after accidents is and whether the case had not been confirmed.

Enlisted in July 2012 River last November, has been sent to “Jiang Han-like ship” service. Korea-destroyers “Jiang Han-like ship” from February 10 Executive escort ships in Somali waters, the ship was carrying more than 300 people. He disappeared, “Jiang Han-like ship” are implementing protection Singapore nationals shipping tasks.

Joint Chiefs of staff official said, Deputy Sergeant of the river disappeared, good surface weather conditions, the current search is under way, it is still hard to say whether River Deputy Sergeant physical security.

India two officers accused of rape, married sisters of the victim in Exchange for other withdrawal

India the low status of women, rape cases are frequent. According to Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily News on April 15, India, two junior officers were arrested for raping a 21-year old woman. Afterwards, the two men agreed to marry this woman and her sister in order to make them withdraw.

Later, Gupta and Chopra, two military officers were accused, losing their family to deceased family members; but they do not agree, insisting that they and the victim and her 19 year old sister, got married, and gave up the prosecution.

It was reported that Gupta and Chopra family promise requirements, previously held in Uttar Pradesh, a temple wedding. As Gupta and Chopra were still being held on the wedding day, so was unable to attend the wedding. Until all ceremony, and the injured woman and her sister after lawfully married, quashed the charges and released.

Liaoning blood prequel: the boiler is too big, and hundreds broke through the deck joints

On December 4, 1985, the order № 105 (“Leonid • Brezhnev” USS) launched after a few minutes, the order № 106 (“Riga” aircraft carrier) sent the first steam power plant in the end part of the slipway, and impressive ceremony.

Liaoning blood Preludes III: open deck over boiler too man combined with

original title: sixth aircraft carrier built in the Black Sea shipyard

in January 1984, the second ships of the Soviet Navy were issued for the construction of type 1143.5 (factory number № 106) order. Black Sea shipyard was ordered in a timely manner and to obtain large equipment, including the Kirov Factory’s gear-driven turbines. Meanwhile, Black Sea shipyard also produced 8-КВГ-4-boiler, which makes boilers, turbines and other heavy equipment on a platform in the front of the boat being built piecewise smooth on the bottom of the installation. № 105 orders that at that time (“Tbilisi”) and № 106th orders (“Riga”) problem was caused by the introduction of nuclear power experts ‘ discussion, but was thought to be a reasonable choice. First of all, the ship’s design is not easy to achieve these objectives and, secondly, Black Sea shipyard is not ready to address organizational management, brought about by a series of complex political issues and economic issues.

  Back for some time, we can clearly recall: Black Sea shipyard shipbuilding experts dressed formally in March 1981, № 105th orders, but the technical design of the order was approved in May 1982. Hull the first part of the fifth heavy aircraft Cruisers in September 1982, formally began construction on the slipway, but the factory was only officially slipway starts on February 23, 1983. № 104th orders (“Baku” aircraft carrier) between water and № 105th orders started there has been a whole year of limbo. As 1983-1984 smooth procurement of large power equipmentAnd in order to install these devices to the hull of the carrier, must be turned over more than 100 Union place, sometimes must be 7~10 deck, thus causing a great deal of waste.

№ 105th orders the ship into the water after the end of 1985, there have been significant changes, the Black Sea shipyard shows the capacity for rapid success to build a modern midsize carrier. Fifth aircraft carrier hull finished much better than aircraft carriers before quickly, almost 1 time hull efficiency at work. When the ship was still on the ship, and began to install the cables. Therefore, the most complex launched the fifth aircraft carrier is not working there is no problem, and water on a platform in the front of the boat all ready on the eve № 106 orders weighing up to 1500 tons of parts installed in the ship table. At this time, № 105th gear turbine orders don’t have host and master boilers have been installed in the bottom of the order № 106 on the segment. Can be expected to be, sixth aircraft carrier berth cycle compared with previous carrier will be more short-lived.


Order № 106 construction work being carried out, on the slipway is equipped with 4-КВГ-4 the paragraph at the bottom of the boiler (Spring 1986). (File photo) the

hull components were moved to the slipway, which weighs 1000~1500 tons. (File photo)

on December 4, 1985, after a fifth aircraft carrier launch, certificate ceremony was held for 106 orders, the aircraft carrier was originally named as “Riga”. “Riga” aircraft carrier launched on November 25, 1988, and readinessReach 18% 1143.7 “Ulyanovsk” nuclear-powered aircraft carrier also began to build on this day.

Fifth and sixth aircraft carrier launched an aircraft carrier have used traditional sloping slipway launch method, while no one in the world of naval ships shipyard in an inclined slipway construction on this scale. Weighing up to 30000 tons of ships launched from the slipway to tilt appears for the last time in the first half of 20th century United Kingdom. At that time, “Queen Mary” and “Queen Elizabeth” passenger ship launched was actually an accident —— bottom panels damaged. In view of this, United States intelligence agencies and even called the slipway of the factory dock is not difficult to understand.

Here we are not saying that Americans ‘ concept of the mind is not sloping slipway, we would like to note is Russia shipbuilding berth equipment experts with very large cranes, and built on a sloping slipway worthy of an aircraft carrier. When launched from the slipway to tilt an aircraft carrier, and tremendous water weight will cause a lot of problems and therefore need to ensure that local strength of ship’s bottom and the limit allows the grease pressure. For this reason, two aircraft carriers are along four slides into the water. While Soviet technicians also designed a unique hinged stem-free mechanism, can make the ship’s welded backbone curve along the pillars supporting beams beneath oak welted roll. Extruded liner is used in scroll component. In order to reduce the load mooring, technicians have been designed using “neutral” dedicated Rails. So finally when launched, two aircraft carriers to go very smoothly, no special status.

Hull components were moved to the slipway, which weighs 1000~1500 tons. (File photo)


hull was transported to the slipway of a component, the components weight 1000~1500 tons. (File photo)

near the end of construction work, the “varyag” carrier 14500 industrial product is successfully installed, and it plans to install 15000 industrial products. Soldier aircraft carrier flight and has begun installing furniture in the living quarters, and finally take in mooring just completed the installation of electrical equipment, systems and weaponry, as well as for debugging purposes.

All work stopped, “varyag” USS General technical preparedness have reached 67.77%. In General, their technical preparedness month to raise 1.5%, and as long as the technology readiness level should reach 75% mooring test can begin. “Varyag” aircraft carrier construction of very high intensity, it began to build within less than three years can be launched, while the ship’s turbines and boilers were installed as early as the stage when the ship into the hull parts. During 1989 and 1990, Black Sea shipyard opened full throttle into production and construction —— shipbuilding history of the Soviet Union, it also completed the construction of two aircraft carriers for the first time, namely the order № № 106 and 105. Meanwhile, a new slipway (1143.7) has begun construction of a third ship on —— nuclear aircraft carrier (order № 107). Black Sea shipyard in the workshop have been required to begin full production of this aircraft carrier’s nuclear steam generator.

Carriers have very high levels of military and economic effects. According to Soviet calculations, a future of heavy aircraft cruisers equivalent 15~19 1144.2 type nuclear-powered missile cruiser, with the level of development of traditional vessels compared to the funds invested by, as the core of the fleet aircraft carriers, built its capital inputs near 15~20 times the former.

“Varyag” all work has stopped on the aircraft carrier, the uncompleted ship’s Outlook is grim (March 14, 1997). (File photo)

is the collapse of the Soviet Union “varyag” USS destiny-changing determinants, followed the Government’s doing stage. Until the beginning of 1992, the Black Sea shipyard Director ю. и. Makarov password only in the form of letters to the uncompleted aircraft carrier described the fate of Moscow. Makarov also hope that by way of telephone communication between the Government, but whether Russia President, general staff, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Department, nor any government officials and military personnel failed to provide clear answers to him. On January 20, 1992, ю · и · forced to order the suspension of construction work of the order № 106 Makarov.

Roughly one year later, that is, “concluded agreement the two sides” are positive show that at the time of allocation and will never compromise on the issue of the Black Sea fleet, Russia showed that “varyag” carrier’s intention to build.

In Russia, most of us are not willing to see the “varyag” aircraft carrier toward the path of destruction, they all want to do their bit to save the large ship. Mass media first reported almost daily on “varyag” USS tragic status information. For example, the famous television reporter fulajisilafu · Listyev himself died within a couple of days before its rush hour TV show dedicated to “varyag” carrier subjects. Journalist Alexei · Denis and Boris · Kostenko’s episode of Russia in the world “varyag” theme has produced a very good television shows. The sailors of the Pacific fleet was also active in, and tries to Russia save the uncompleted aircraft carrier. Never before the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the Black Sea shipyard for repairs “Minsk” aircraft carrier, and its crew were formed into the “varyag” USS Queen’s crew team, and Captain Vladimir · d.k.Wysocki has been appointed as “varyag” carrier’s first captain. While the new carrier’s stamp has also been completed, while the crew is ready to transfer to Nikolaev City, settled in newly-built aircraft carrier. However, the “Minsk” and “Silla Sith g” aircraft carrier’s future after the problem was solved, “varyag” USS establishment was soon cancelled, sailors are assigned to the disbanded other warships.

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Media: accidental exposure of red bird reef project, or an enhancement of Sino-Korean opposition

Japan J-Cast website reported on April 15, Japan’s southernmost red bird reef on March 30 trestle rollover accident occurred, 16 staff members on the trestle were thrown into the sea, currently 5 people have been killed, 2 missing, and 9 other people have been safely rescued.

It is learned that the project as Japan “national project”, began in August 2013 secret starts, scheduled for the end of September 2014. Construction halted due to the accident. It is reported that exposure of this project, will have the potential to cause China and Korea’s strong objections, eventually led to the suspension of the project.

Reportedly, red bird reef upon completion of the works will be put into use as a port facility, when thousands of oceanographic research ships can be moored. According to the Japan Transport Ministry prepared the Kanto Local Bureau said, in order to undertake a comprehensive survey on the cause of the accident, Japan has set up a Commission of inquiry. It is reported that the accident likely was caused due to the high Pier small size and weight. 3 Jetty port facility vertically into the trestle bridge central section is connected with the discharge. 4 steel piers piers and loading facilities are buried deep into the seabed, and was firmly anchored to the seafloor. Engineering the next important task will be to install the trestle. Service Bureau also revealed that 2013 first discharge facilities have been successfully completed, as planned on the West side of the island, next to first establish the port discharge facilities.

However, due to the occurrence of the accident, was conducted in secret in the harbor construction plan was exposed. Japan Transport Ministry admits: “in order to ensure the confidentiality and safety of the works, it is not open to the public. “The Transport Ministry also said:” now is trying hard to search for another missing person, search operations, such as accident investigation Board is given at the end of the cause after the conclusion, will ultimately decide whether to continue with the construction of the bridge project. But owing to the harsh autumn and winter sea conditions, the project will be forced to stop, even if it starts again, then schedule than it had planned to postpone a lot. ” 

Red bird reef is Japan’s most southern Pacific Ocean Reef, before high tide most of its above the surface, only two rocks exposed at high tide from the sea. Japan under the international law of the Sea Treaty has developed the exclusive economic zone and the Continental Shelf Act, and set a red bird reef as the Center’s exclusive economic zone, but since 2003, China Korea Japan strongly protested the idea.  

It is understood that Japan advocated the part visible above the red bird reef at high tide called “Islands”, while China and Korea said it wouldn’t endorse Japan “refers to barrier reef island” of this behavior, but will not admit Japan the so-called exclusive economic zone. At present, the Japan Government was based on red bird reef, is its continental shelf extended continental shelf to the United Nations Committee for the South Pacific. While the applications are approved, Japan will receive a red bird reef undersea continental shelves around 740,000 sq km, this figure is Japan’s land area twice times Japan will also receive more than 400,000 square kilometers of maritime exclusive economic zones and offshore resource extraction. Japan intends to build the jetty, provides berthing ports as a tool for ocean research vessel, was a more “forceful” proof of red bird reef is an “island”, most aloneto achieve the purpose of the exclusive economic zones of its desire to expand.  

As for the Japan side, not just problems of the exclusive economic zone, but because red bird reef waters contain large deposits of rare metals such as copper mines, submarine hydrothermal, there are alternatives to oil and biogas energy. According to the Japan Economic Journal, the Nikkei Business reported, Japan Tokai University Professor shantianjiyan said: “the bridge project related to Japan’s national interests, but it is often done quietly in the dark, so there is no effective comprehensive monitoring, incident is not surprising. ” 

View of this, the J-Cast Web site said the accident led to the exposure of the trestle plan between China and Korea’s opposition is likely to strengthen, resulting in suspension of the works. And if works stop words, you will have on Japan damaging national interests.  

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: neither in favour of us-South Korean military exercises, do not support North Korea’s threatened nuclear test

China News Agency, Beijing, April 15, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying 15th said at a regular press conference, on the situation in the Korean peninsula, China always adheres to objective and impartial position, opposes any acts that could lead to tensions, neither in favour of joint military exercise, did not support the threat of nuclear test.

Hua Chunying, said that the emergence of new tensions on the Korean peninsula, quite vulnerable. Maintain regional peace and stability in the peninsula and in Northeast Asia and properly push forward the denuclearization process on the Korean peninsula, in line with the common interests of all parties concerned, but also the people of the region expect.

“As a responsible country, China always adheres to objective and impartial position, we are opposed to any acts that may cause tensions, neither in favour of joint military exercise, did not support the threat of nuclear test. “Hua Chunying, said that China advocates dialogue to resolve the issue and will continue to play an active role to move the situation on the peninsula to a soft landing.

Hua Chunying, said hope relevant parties to look at the big picture and do more things conducive to easing the situation and common endeavours.

The Liaoning blood prequel: hundred-meter anchor chain created tow world record

Drag the voyage of “varyag”. (File photo)

the Liaoning blood prequel series: (b) the hundred meter cable tow world record created

original title: Russia about “varyag” history,

even in Russia, currently on “varyag”, much of what is confidential, But this article will be as full as possible to tell the reader this is not in the Soviet\/Russian Navy’s heavy aircraft cruisers (or you can call the carrier) bumpy history, especially since it was in Ukraine at the various encounters.

More than 100 years, “varyag” this name is Russia seaman symbol of valiant and courageous and enterprising spirit, so in the Russian Navy has several warships have been named “varyag”, which includes “varyag” heavy aircraft cruisers. Rejoice with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, however, is not just the fate of entire countries and peoples of the Soviet Union hit a major turning point, which symbolizes the ship of naval power peak of ship manufacturing, its fate is uncertain.

And “Admiral Kuznetsov” heavy aircraft cruisers belonging to the same type of vessel “varyag”, is a 27-storey behemoth war machines. Throughout the ship were dotted with 3,857 on cabins, including 387 steerage class, 134 soldiers, ch 445 rooms, 370 fan rooms and 120 warehouses, 50, a shower room and 6 canteens. Ship all the length of the corridor up to 6000 m, and length of access roads for more than 80,000 meters. “Varyag” carrier of daily use and production purpose pipelines stretching thousands of metres in length, used in the construction of cable almost immunized metres in length. “Varyag” USS most important feature is the flight deck, at 14700 square meters. Ships 350 m long anchor chain weighs 3,200 kilograms. If it resides only a minute in each compartment of the aircraft carrier, then visited the ships take 25 days. It is estimated that the “varyag” carrier combat power than the same type of “Admiral Kuznetsov” heavy aircraft cruisers were 20%!

But it is a pity, “varyag” USS destiny was so tortuous and complex: on the morning of June 14, 2000, it was under tow of the tug boat. From the date of leaving the Black Sea shipyard, the ship in 506 days long wait, on November 1, 2001 by Turkey’s permission through the Strait. On March 3, 2002, the fleet finally arrived in China’s Dalian port, towing and breaking the world record for sailing.

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The Liaoning blood prequel: without a strong Soviet Union built would have been impossible



  This selected works are since the modern ship 2013 supplement. (Cover)

the Liaoning blood prequel series: (a) there is no strong Soviet built impossible

original title: original Black Sea shipyard Director ю · и · Makarov parts of memory

to a final settlement “varyag” carrier’s future problems, Russia and Ukraine’s Prime Minister Viktor · Stepanovich · Chernomyrdin and Leonid · Danilovic? together with Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministers Kuchma in 1993, paid a visit to the shipyard. Presidential envoy Sha Helai and puliuxi, as well as Russia’s new Navy commander-in-Chief Gromov has inspected Black Sea shipyard. About uncompleted “varyag” carrier (factory number № 106) problem was for research, as well as Russia and Ukraine begin warship to Russia met the conditions discussed.

At that time, I was briefed on the readiness of ships had reached 70%, the Navy paid, the factory also received the money. Therefore it can be said that if the ship needs to be built and completed, it would have when it comes to paying the remaining 30% technology readiness level of payments. If Ukraine intends to sell the warships to Russia, then it will be the price of ships. However Ukraine side did not agree, saying Russia should pay all ship construction costs. But all these arguments are empty, so the main question that remains is whether the ship can be built?

I remember it clearly, in the circumstances of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia shut down a lot of production departments, scientific research institutes and design units, or cut off their funding and to stop construction of such vessels. Therefore, this ship is not completed and not combat. For thisIn each case, many people used to comfort me, even puliuxi also claimed that “the military departments of the factories don’t work, is still barely enough to survive, but are completely different.” I responded by saying, “while puliuxi is the representative of the Supreme Soviet, people agree with, but for the ones that spell on publicity, only deception.” Results puliuxi as saying in the middle of the ice up.

I to kushi Institute for supply navigation system for Nord test production, for example, talked about how the Institute is closed, as well as the leading specialists of the Institute because it is not Azerbaijan nationality, thus only with the identities of refugees to leave Baku. When the Navy commander-in-Chief Gromov suddenly declared that “this is not a problem, Navy navigation authority may solve this problem.” For this answer, I was extremely surprised.

Navy commander in Chief was referring to the navigation of a ship, he did not understand: ship navigation in this complex occupies only less than 5%~10%, and navigation system for aircraft carriers have more than 70 users. Detection and guidance of all measuring stations, all of the air combat command and navigation station, all of missile and artillery weapons, missile launch preparation, preparation before takeoff of a fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter platform, dozens of electronic warfare systems and many other things associated with them. Apart from Nordisk institutes outside, there are hundreds of research institutes and factories in providing support for the system. But out of respect to the Navy and Commander, I kept quiet.

Soon, however, this “advice” outraged that makes me crazy. When the two Prime Ministers asked me the question, “what do plants need in order to build this aircraft carrier”, I replied, “the Soviet Union, the Party Central Committee, the State Planning Committee, military Committee and nine Defense Department.” Eventually everyone understand that was not possible in the case of the Soviet aircraft carrier built, because only a strong State can build an aircraft carrier, yet the country does not exist any more. Kuchma was not satisfied. Chernomyrdin expressed gratitude to this objective.

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Russian media: the United States allocated $ 11.4 million, for the Ukraine presidential election

Beijing, April 15, according to ITAR-TASS report, United States State Department said local 14th, United States assistance to Ukraine presidential elections more than 11 million dollars.

It said in a statement: “the United States Agency for international development and the State Department will provide $ 11.4 million to promote freedom, honest and peaceful elections on May 25. “

Ukraine on February 22, regime change. Ukraine Parliament ousted President Yanukovych powers changed the Constitution, provisional President appointed Parliament Speaker Olexander turchinov terms and specify the presidential election held on May 25.

Media: GSDF transformation “move, fly up, go out”

Beijing, April 15, United States Department of Defense recently released a new version of the Quadrennial Defense review, in the context of defense budget cuts, downsizing and transformation in the keywords report. Japan 15th article the Xinhua newspaper said, contrast is, Japan was expanded for the first time at the end of last year the GSDF’s establishment of, has now reached 159238. Article refers to and throughout the nearly two-year movement of the GSDF, three aspects in its implementation can be found in transition, can be described as the GSDF’s “three axes”.

Article excerpts are as follows:

Lenovo’s recent spate of news: news on April 2, Japan ground self defense force is in the process of cultivating “bomb facilitators” and claimed the island for the coming battle when using a laser-guided bomb to ensure that bonus to accuracy according to United States Marine Corps formed to build “Mission of amphibious maneuvers”, equipped with the most advanced “herons” transport aircraft, American amphibian tank, and the Global Hawk unmanned reconnaissance aircraft,; from June to August this year, for the first time to participate in “joint military exercises around the Pacific” …… behind the flurry of reflects the Japan ground self defense force a change strategy guiding ideology. Throughout the nearly two-year movement of the GSDF, three aspects in its implementation can be found in transition, can be described as the GSDF’s “three axes”.

The first axe “move up”. First is the “linkage”, break the GSDF teams for their own business in the original 5. Cooperation Division brigade’s integration, Japan Ministry of Defense will create “land Corps” to dominate the current team based in 5 regions of the country. Land conveys the Corps is responsible for all aspects of team orders of Defense Minister or Chief integration instructions, and responsible for coordination with the US military, weapons, and other functions. Change the Lu Zi, sea and air at differing situations.

Defense Ministry is currently studying the establishment of unified command, to more planning and use of land, sea and air self-defense forces smoothly followed by “moving”, namely transfer of Defense priorities. With the end of the cold war and Sino-Japanese territorial dispute intensifies, currently Japan land and self defense priorities shifted from North to Southwest, from the original focus on preparedness to prevent the former Soviet Union, China and, lastly, “mobile”, in order to meet the needs of modern warfare and mobile warfare, Japan since Rudd’s weaponry is working towards light, direction of motorization. For example, the main battle tank type 90 weigh up to 50 tons, not in Japan throughout the maneuver. Is now gradually being replaced by more light type 10 tank.

Second axe “fly”. With the “island defence” approach proposed, Japan land has not satisfied the ground, but to look even higher and farther. First of all is to strengthen “surveillance”, through the introduction of “Global Hawk” high altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, imposed against countries like China, North Korea’s ongoing intelligence-gathering and surveillance, followed by promotion “transport” and plans to introduce more United States “Black Hawk” helicopters and “herons” large cargo planes, with the upper-class transport ships and other transportation equipment, Improve constantly their quick reflexes and force projection capabilities and finally enhance the “deterrent” Japan land is currently equipping and deploying new 12 missiles, relying on the missile forces commanding the Miyako Strait throat —— used to dominate a local Division of land, now also has wings, desire to fly.

Axe III “go”. On December 17 last year, Japan through three programmatic document in the field of military security: the national defense program outline and 2014-2018 the medium-term plan of defence force readiness and enactment of the national security strategy for the first time. All three programmatic document with a strong “Abe’s colours.” In order to strengthen Japan’s military strength and become more actively involved in International Affairs, Abe has made “positive security policy” and “positive peace”. The series doesn’t take in order to meet the strong military policy, Japan land restrictions also are trying to break the peace Constitution, out of the island in Japan, to the world.

In January, Japan landing in the United States of California and United States Marines were joined by an “iron fist” exercises from June to August this year, Japan will be the first to land since replacing the sea, participating in Hawaii “joint military exercises of the Pacific Rim”. Is predictable, with Abe release “collective self-defense” speeding up, Japan ground self defense force will also speed up the pace of its overseas.

United Kingdom developing relations with Burma’s strategic cooperation, or dual-use technology exports to Burma

According to Jane’s Web site reported on April 13, 2014, United Kingdom a top defense trade official said the United Kingdom is working to develop strategic and cooperative relations with Myanmar, which will lead to United Kingdom production of dual-use technology exports.

United Kingdom trade and investment defence and security in Asia, the Americas and Australasia region supervisor Dave · Teri Hatcher said on April 14, United Kingdom to any export in Myanmar within the framework of EU legislation.

These EC regulations include arms embargo to Myanmar for almost 20 years. Decision 2013\/184\/CFSP of the Council of the European Union regulations prohibit exporting any military or related equipment to Myanmar, or providing military technical assistance. (Ministry of industry and information technology, electronic science and technology information Institute Song Wenwen)