Us think tank: support for Viet Nam to confront China, South China Sea peace against us interests

According to Hong Kong, Asia Times online, August 27, the original question: that the United States gave China labeled as criminals at sea on author: Peter · Lee. Article notes that the United States think tank CNA recently released a 140-page report, titled China and Viet Nam: analysis of the conflicting sovereignty claim on the South China Sea waters. This report presents further legal justification for supporting United States increased meddling in the waters of the exclusive economic zone of South China Sea disputes, the representative of Viet Nam against China.

The article, should pay attention to this report, for the following reasons: the

first is the identity of this think tank. According to reports, the CNA is a not-for-profit company. Put it more precisely, it is “United States Navy Analysis Department, founded in 1942, specifically for the United States Government, by the United States Government in whole, in the 90 ‘s of the last century, however, the Agency was corporatized, which can be owned by a group called the Institute for public sector involvement in the Ministry of defence of the Government project.”

It says, you might say, CNA is the abbreviation of the Center for naval analysis. But you are wrong, according to the company’s own introduction, CNA is not an abbreviation, the correct reference is “the CNA Corporation, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, a non-profit organization of research and analysis.”

In General, the CNA for the United States Navy and Marine Corps with analysis services, its main duty is to study the United States Navy and Marine Corps system, tactical and strategic problems. The Agency paid special attention to a region, under the “China study” departments with more than more than 20 analysts, in addition to “universities, Governments and the private sector from around the world of a huge network of industry experts” to support the sector.  

Followed by the authors of the report, “industry experts” Raul · Pedroso’s identity.  

Raul · Pedroso is a United States Navy retired Colonel, United States Naval War College, a former Professor of international law at the US Pacific command judge advocate, Deputy to the Under Secretary of Defense for policy.  

‘S familiarity with military people interested in maritime disputes should Colonel Pedroso’s research reports.  

In 2009, the Chinese military is “harassment” United States Navy “flawless” monitoring the ship’s route, and tried to claim military monitoring activities within China’s exclusive economic zone under the UN Convention on law of the sea. At that time, Colonel Pedroso published two important reports: the close encounter at sea: the United States Navy’s “impeccable” incident and the maintenance of navigational rights and freedoms:The right to carry out military activities within the country’s exclusive economic zone.  

In this two-part report, Colonel Pedroso said, “perfect” was not a map, is in fact to monitor Chinese submarine military, that makes “Immaculate” was not covered under the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea provisions related to entering the exclusive economic zone shall not be bound by. Recently in the United States hold a “Pacific Rim” during military exercises, China PLA Navy vessels entering United States monitor exclusive economic zone, suggesting that Pedroso this view apparently was accepted by China.  

Can say that Colonel Pedroso in the legal war against China is a very important person.  

Third, issues addressed by this report.  

Has indeed been a thorough analysis of the issue of sovereignty of the Nansha Islands, but key issues discussed in this report are the Paracel Islands, the archipelago was full control of China, Viet Nam to dispute this. China’s offshore oil platforms and 981 in the Islands, in part, this shows that, judging by the Chinese and United States military presence in the South China Sea is not reasonable, it is not necessary.  

The forth, which begs an interesting question, but in fact, the report’s Project Director Michael ·:  Mcdevitt in the preface already raised this issue

“is important, and this document on Viet Nam and China over the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands claims analysis reports are not intended to proposals put forward by United States to abandon its long held position The sovereignty dispute over the South China Sea issue should not stand on either side. This is not the creative mind of this report, is not one of the recommendations of the project. ” 

If the United States Government really do not want to stand in the dispute, why let the Navy’s top think tank hired top lawyers on the issue of the Navy never tired of 140-page written report?  

Finally, the report concludes firmly rejected China’s claim to sovereignty, Colonel Pedroso in this paper unequivocally supported Viet Nam’s sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly Islands requirements.  

Says, in General, the current reality is that China occupies the Paracel Islands has more than 40 years old, in Viet Nam not to take military action in case China is never going to leave. So while the United States is the Government’s policy in the South China Sea issue should not stand, but a United States Government think tank top Navy lawyer appointed to investigate this issue, and the lawyer for his revisionist views, China “will never leave” the island was placed under the sovereignty of Viet Nam.  

Is this all about?  

Analysis and a possible motive was that United States military authorities, someone wants to Viet Nam provided assistance and psychological comfort, help its confrontation with China.  

As for the United States in the whole idea of the South China Sea issue, in addition to Viet Nam to give assistance and psychological comfort in addition to article suspects that there may be a considerable Machiavelli’s overall strategy at work.  

Article, if China agreed on the normalization of the dispute on a bilateral basis has been beneficial long-term goals in order to achieve peace in the South China Sea, the United States loses interfere in this issue, and an excuse to coerce China.  

Article says, completely denied the legitimacy of the claim to the Paracel and Spratly Islands, United States a position based in the exclusive economic zone of South China strategic was the greater threat.  

Said that if China is forced to travel in the South China Sea confrontation with the world, adhere to the nine-line may be easier than trying to redraw exclusive economic zone, which involve many interlocutors and confusing legal issues. Therefore, the question of China’s claims over whether to give up nine-line will be more careful —— now there are signs that China is already doing.  

In the article the author’s opinion, if China does not abandon its stand of nine dashes required, the United States is good news. The United States, which means more conflicts, more hatred, more PR, plenty of opportunities, for United States involvement as a member of the international community, with “system of protection of the exclusive economic zone”.  

The article concluded by saying that this strategy will be how and when to implement now is speculation. However, with the increasing strength of China, as well as United States Government saw opportunity to drive off China in the South China Sea will be fleeting, the paper thinks something will happen soon.

German media: Germany mediate Ukraine crisis, Prime Minister is invalid, hardliners or gain the upper hand

Beijing, September 2, Germany weekly der Spiegel was the latest article said Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russia President Vladimir Putin for months on the Ukraine crisis talks, but did not achieve any positive results. Russian hard-liners will occupy the upper hand, calling for Russia to implement in addition to economic sanctions against further action.

Reported that, compared with other Western leaders, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel is considered have a closer relationship with Putin, but the relationship did not bring positive results. According to official figures, since November last year Ukraine crisis, Merkel and Putin had phone for 25 times. Allegedly, two people were now close to 35 calls and communicating, but Ukraine crisis has yet to make progress.

Reports in Ukraine at the beginning of the crisis, Putin and Merkel has remained relatively good communication, can at least understand and try to express a different view. But in the end, Germany and Russia had not produced positive results.

On September 4, a NATO Summit in the United Kingdom. The Summit will urge NATO members to increase defense spending, enhanced with Ukraine cooperation.

The article, in the European Union or NATO, nobody could accuse Merkel in Ukraine issues an invalid effort; but this week’s NATO Summit, Angela Merkel or will face difficult issues, such as whether NATO should continue to work with Russia to open a dialogue if Russia tightening sanctions cannot come into play, what will happen in the future.

Ukraine crisis, including Germany, European countries for Russia expanded sanctions. But on the next step for Russia’s sanctions, there is no consensus within the EU. Britain, France and Germany share the view that Ukraine mess continues, the EU should upgrade the level of sanctions with Russia, but Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel made clear that Germany won’t come to Ukraine to provide weapons. Last week, Merkel’s spokesman said, referring to Russia’s military actions, avoiding Russia used “war” or “invasion” of this term.

But the report pointed out that, in the face of growing Ukraine crisis, within NATO, she faces growing pressure to change their attitude towards Russia. Hardliners or will occupy the upper hand, calling for Russia to implement in addition to economic sanctions against further action.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier 30th latest warns that Ukraine East of the situation “is sliding to the edge of the out of control”, in order to avoid Ukraine and Russia broke out between direct military conflict, this dangerous situation must be effectively controlled. In addition, Frank-Walter Steinmeier spokesman also pointed out that Frank-Walter Steinmeier, for efforts to achieve a diplomatic solution to Ukraine crisis has cost efforts.

US media: black militia offensive thrusts, army morale is exhausted

Beijing, September 2, Ukraine Government troops and militia after heavy fighting through the night, abandon the Luhansk airport a few days ago. United States cable news network reporter interview Ukraine East found militias to March, government troops morale.

Reports that defeated Ukraine soldiers looked frustrated and tired, his eyes were red.

Ukraine soldier didn’t want reporters shoot their way, but told reporters a day before the horror they experience process. They returned to about 70 from the battle area with remains of killed soldiers, there are a lot of people seriously injured.

Dang Ukraine air force fighters flew through the air, almost not looking up.

Militias are better equipped than it was two months ago, the organization also improved. They have at least a few T-72, many people have new weapons, they defend a few months later, has suddenly offensive attack.

By contrast, CNN reporter teams encountered Government forces seemed demoralized, someone asked when British forces came out, another gloomy forecasts, the militias can attack any time.

CNN reporter later folk military command center of Donetsk, found that compared with two months ago, the city was calm and scary. In early summer when the lively outdoor cafes and parks, virtually uninhabited now, many stores shut with boards. Shells destroyed the stadium and apartment , haven’t escaped leaving residents appears to have nowhere to go to, war is likely to continue into winter.

Japan SDF unbearable bullying suicide, had been forced to kneel to make amends

Beijing, September 2, the comprehensive Japan media, Japan maritime self-defense forces Yokosuka 1st place Director announced earlier this year, the frigate crew boss because he couldn’t bear the bullying and suicide. Japan media have reported it, to show their concern for this problem. Japan Defense Minister Onodera five code says to abusers and suicides supervisor and other relevant responsible persons be punished.

The suicide of young sailors have been in service for over 10 years, its legacy notes and reported bullying by their superiors. Comprehensive Japan media content since October 2013, the ship again suffered a 42-year old boss of violence and bullying, verbal mistreatment included being abusive, hatch by hand strikes to the head, pinch, were ordered to kneel apologize, was given a handheld bucket stands, and so on.

It is understood that the offender has pled guilty to his crime. Department Survey results have been examined. Earlier, the victim has to own another superior response three times being bullied, wants to change jobs, but has not been properly dealt with.

To this end, Japan Defense Minister Onodera said at a press conference five code, victims of this boss knowingly fails to take timely measures to prevent deterioration of the situation, so the bears an important responsibility on this matter.

Onodera said, listening and processing under the issue is responsibility of the superior, the suicides of people involved are considered to be handled accordingly.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Chief River of yekejun, following the maritime self-defense team a decade ago bullying after suicides, failed to prevent the occurrence of this incident, “deplore.” And said it was going to go after those “guidance” to all the maritime SDF display organizationally for the severity of the bullying attitude.

Media: Morty says it won’t forget that advocated Japanese war criminals guilty of India judge

Japan’s Kyodo News reported on September 2, India’s Prime Minister MODI 1st night guesthouse in Tokyo at Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at a dinner hosted, mentioned that all class-a war criminals in the Tokyo trial acquitted late India justice Barr, called the “Japanese have great respect for him. He played the role of who in the Tokyo trial will never forget “.

Abe praised the performance of Barr, 2007 to visit India when he met with Barr’s eldest son. Reports that Abe suffered in the historical issues between China and Korea accused Mr MODI’s remarks to a certain extent, take into account the Abe’s position.

MODI in formal talks with Mr Abe also mentioned Barr, Barr received Japan’s highly expressed goodwill.

Japan’s militaristic war of aggression to China and other victimized Asian countries brought about great sufferings to the people, and Japan people suffer, however 14 class-a war criminals of the heinous crimes committed by people in affected countries in Asia by Japan still worship at the notorious Yasukuni Shrine, as “ghost” ritual. Japan opposition leaders several times in spite of its Asian neighbors, flagrantly went to “worship the devil”.

14 class a war criminals, Pacific peoples and Chinese people’s blood on their hands, they are sinners of Pacific peoples. Has voice think, China should in Nanjing massacre Memorial State a shame column, put they of notoriety and crimes engraved in above, while can please sculpture home put they of ugly image shaped into statue, let they forever kneeling in people, and full Asia-Pacific people of before, to people and Asia-Pacific people bow apology, also let Japan have sense of people remember Japan had to people and Asia-Pacific people brings of disaster. (Wang Huan)

Media: China’s military is at least Japan 3 times, growing gap

According to Japan by the Yomiuri newspaper reported on September 1, the original question: of the must carry out the efficiency of equipment procurement, the article said in order to maximize the efficient use of limited budgets, must adhere to the reform of the defence equipment procurement.

Ministry of defense budget request in fiscal 2015, apply 3.5% increased the defense budget to 5.0545 trillion yen. Defense Ministry also raised through bulk purchases of defence equipment, budget savings of about 145 billion yen.

Last December the Government will determine the total medium-term defence force readiness plan about 24.67 trillion yen, of which about 700 billion yen needed to improve the efficiency of equipment procurement to achieve. 2014 fiscal year savings goal was 66 billion yen.

Abe’s Government increased the defense budget for two consecutive years, but the level of fiscal 2014 of only 2%.

Reports that exposes only part of China’s defense budget is close to Japan 3 times, and the annual growth rate of more than 10%. Future Japan-China is bound to further widening of the gap between big.

Reported that in view of the critical financial situation, Japan cannot expect substantial growth in defense budgets. In this way, improve the efficiency of equipment increases the need for more of it.

Defense Ministry ready to sign 7-year deal, a one-time 378.1 billion yen to purchase 20 P-1 reconnaissance aircraft. Compared to the previous practice of buying 5 minutes 4 times, so you can cut about 40.3 billion yen.

Although this requires an amendment to the Finance Act provisions relating to long-term contracts of up to 5 years, but taking into account the considerable effect should be to change the law.

In addition, by extending the equipment preventive maintenance intervals, can reduce 33.3 billion yen, through the use of computers and other cheap items instead of sdf equipment, or you can cut about 43.5 billion yen.

Reports that with the high military technology, equipment prices are getting higher and higher, hoping Japan Ministry of Defense greater savings in the future funding effort.

In fiscal year 2015, Defense Ministry will reshuffle within the Bureau, Ministry of land, sea and Air Chief supervisor of equipment departments and facilities of this part, a new “Office of defense equipment.” This is to change from development to maintenance equipment of integrated management.

Some new equipment development and procurement costs may be higher than the original quote. In particular, sometimes also have to accept the price of foreign manufacturers. It needs to break the disadvantages of linear organizational structure, raise the price negotiation skills, cost control.

In recent years, the equipment maintenance costs high, compression equipment procurement funding. Sometimes because of a lack of parts could not repair, and aircraft and radar run rate dropped.

American and British national in order to shorten the waiting time of parts, improve operational efficiency, increasingly procuring parts and delegating management companies to do. Japan should also promote it that way.

UAV tests increased rain and snow of the tianshan mountains of China weaponry industry group was a great success

Beijing, on September 2 electric according to China weapon industrial group website news, in average elevation 2500 meters, and ground minimum temperatures below 0 ℃ of environment conditions Xia, weapon industrial group detection job integration unmanned machine respectively in flight height for elevation 4000m and 4300m height clouds in the, according to meteorological detection information timely carried out has warm cloud catalytic job and cold cloud catalytic job, job process in the appeared obviously rainfall, test obtained successfully success.

Test marks the development of unmanned aircraft system has completed a full range of functional assessment, the next step will be to carry out system performance test.