US military confirms Russian “Cosmos-2495″ Advanced spy satellite exploded in beauty

Russia’s spy satellite “Cosmos-2495″ enters the atmosphere and exploded in the United States (file photo)

Beijing, on September 12, according to foreign media reports, local time on September 12, one United States strategic command spokesman confirmed last week that Russia’s spy satellite “Cosmos-2495″ Enter the atmosphere and exploded in the United States.

The spokesman said: “local time on September 3, the United States strategic command, confirmed Russia” universe-2495 “satellite re-entered the atmosphere, and target the satellite from the United States on the satellite list of elimination. “The

Russia Defense Ministry spokesman Igor · Konashenkov 10th major-General said:” Russia satellites were still functioning, air and space defense forces have been using monitoring means monitoring of space objects. So-called United States meteorites are representative of the Association may be the observed luminescence miles altitude identified as Russia military satellites. “

Russia” universe-2495 “military spy satellite in May of this year from the Pu CI g, Xie launched from spaceport, Russia did not disclose the details of the satellite.

United States famed aerospace expert Jonathan · McDowell said, it belongs to the “co–M” series of military reconnaissance satellites, with advanced reconnaissance and land surveying and mapping capabilities. The satellite launch starting from 2004, now has a total of 8 satellites in orbit.

“Cobalt-m” satellite, weighing 6.6 tons, 241 km above the Earth-satellite orbit between 482 public time, carrying high-resolution cameras can take a global target, filming military facilities, such as troop movements and other targets. Satellite photos taken in action back to Earth.

Putin ordered an Eastern military region all forces into full operational status

Original title: Putin ordered all military forces into full operational status in Eastern

people September 12 hearing, according to the ITAR-TASS News Agency reported that Russia Defense Minister Sergei · shoigu 11th announced at the Pentagon meeting with the leaders of the Russian armed forces, President and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces Vladimir Putin ordered on the combat readiness of the forces of all members of the Eastern military region conducted spot checks. He said: “according to the presidential decree, from 10 o’clock Moscow time today, all troops stationed in the region and Eastern military region into full operational status. “The same day, Russia announced a new round of sanctions against the European Union with effect from 12th.

Raids on 11th, 18th. Putin ordered the inspections include Department of the Russian Ministry of communications, transport and other ministries and mission readiness in time of war in the far East. Shoigu asked subordinates to work out plans to protect the jobs of railway, highway and civil aviation, military transport, and to ensure the safety of weapons and equipment. For the exercises, Russian mod social homes members Igor · keluote piano section said, President ordered integrated check East military forces and the important ministries of work, aimed at integrated perfect national defense system, special like far East this important area, “and yiqian for of assault check different, this not only involving mod, also involving other each key ministries, this is on the ministries of area institutions in wartime by plan completed task capacity of check … … Russia should have a strong military, has the ability to make successful defense, this is to avoid Russia hostile foreign forces, the best option. “

Russia’s State Duma Defense Committee Chairman kemoyeduofu said, the far East military exercises, as well as the simultaneous inspection of ministries in the far East has nothing to do with the international situation, is Russia’s internal affair. The Russian Defense Ministry official in charge of the exercise said bogedanuofusiji, of soldiers participating in the military exercises in the East up to 100,000 people, the exercise had informed the foreign military attache. (Nintendo)

Hydrogen breakthrough credited Huang Zuqia: no wins two responsible care

A month ago, a 90 year old man saw a report on his deathbed, lost in thought.

This is an article on nuclear verification, mentioned in the article, some experts say neutron scanner can be used to determine the nuclear warheads of the confidential information, without leading to information disclosure. He ruminated, finally said: “this approach is feasible. “

The old man called Huang Zuqia, is academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China’s renowned nuclear physicist and theoretical physics. He is to visit the academicians, experts say: “this is something I want to clear that our nation can use this solution to the problem of verification in the future. “And agreed that the body recovered, Chinese Academy of Sciences involved in the report.

But he was unable to perform. On September 7, 2014, Huang Zuqia treatment because of his illness, and died in Beijing.

The news left many people deeply hurt. Du xiangwan, Vice Chinese Academy of engineering to science and technology daily journalist sent a text message saying: “to hear Mr Huang Zuqia died much grief. He is credited with China’s hydrogen bomb in particular of nuclear weapons breakthrough, weapon neutron research leader and mentor, is a rigorous high moral character of outstanding scientist, but also my mentor, and his death is a significant loss of our scientific community. He will live forever in our hearts, is an example to younger people to learn! “

The only people participating in the study on the Atomic and hydrogen bombs

Huang Zuqia is the only man who’s study on the Atomic and hydrogen bombs.

In 1953, the nuclear physicist Qian Sanqiang advocate China should carry out its own nuclear work. In its proposal, Huang Zuqia began working in the theoretical study on nuclear reactor. In a few short years, he grew rapidly as experts in the field, for China’s first heavy water reactor up and running has done theoretical research and computational work, side by side with physicists, pioneers became founder and pioneer of the theory of nuclear reactors in China. Since then, he has organized and participated in a uranium reactor (nuclear submarine), graphite (for production), component (used to test components) studies and preliminary design, for the construction of those reactors are explored.

The early 60, atomic theory design Chief Deng jiaxian tried to get Huang Zuqia frequently discuss the problem. Owing to the similar bombs and reactors from the point of view of physics, are caused by the neutron-fission chain reaction, Deng jiaxian, frequently found discussion, end, he should be put to moonlighting. Soon, Qian sanqiang and appointed him light nuclei, head of the theory group, formally began the theory of the hydrogen bomb pre-research work.

At that time, Huang Zuqia side participated in the study required for development of the atomic bomb “equation of State”, exploring the design of neutron source components and participate in aeronautics, advanced research, and is responsible for the direction of 4 students writing theses, work under great pressure, but he was a tiger.

In October 1964,China’s first atomic bomb explosion. In the research on the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb research based on the knowledge of researchers with thermonuclear materials, reinforced-concrete bomb only once and a theoretical tests of the hydrogen bomb, in just two years and eight months after the atomic bombing, and successfully exploded the first hydrogen bomb, created from atomic bomb tests successfully to the fastest world record successful hydrogen bomb test.

“Nuclear” experts into a College Professor

in 1980, Huang Zuqia was elected mathematical physics and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (later renamed academician), and soon after won the first prize of the National Natural Science Foundation. Just when the honor came, he moved to pointer, was appointed Professor of low-energy nuclear physics Institute of Beijing Normal University.

This decision was for Huang Zuqia, is no surprise. During the cultural revolution, he was sent to “may 7cadre school”, “transformation”, then start the reflection on research on nuclear weapons. He realized that, when training was limited to working for young people, school has been disrupted, and personnel training facing a “succession gap” crisis. He hopes his efforts will be up to these problems.

Professor Huang Zuqia welcomed by students ‘ respect and love. Not only because of his amiable and easy to approach, but also because of his rigorous and realistic, not understand modesty to consult with students, and not ashamed.

In March 1982, Huang Zuqia enrolled the first doctoral student named Ding E River. In his view, the student “cultural revolution” effects, and received no formal education, but through self-study, basis is very good, and good learning attitude, is a rare talent. Under his guidance, Ding River in Hubei Province on the subject was a great success, and with excellent results by the reply. Then go to Norway after PhD, invasion phase transition of research work, after returning to academic leadership. Mentoring duo for many years, and often get together to discuss, learn, inspire each other, also cooperated in the preparation of the infiltration of surface infiltration and transport theory and the phase transition of two books.

Since 1999, Huang Zuqia begins for first-year undergraduate students. From micro, macro, Woo more level the development frontiers of modern physics, aimed at helping students to stimulate interest in physics. He likes to chat with students after class was often surrounded by, and often a little that he can’t cope with, but he enjoyed it. He told reporters that “the encounters can’t answer questions, I had to go home and check the information, next time before you answer. It also prompted me to learn. “

After working in education, and Huang Zuqia have outstanding contributions in research and teaching, he twice won the State Board of education science and technology progress award in 1996 and the science and technology progress award of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation. Since 2000, he has been rated as “advanced individual of Beijing teachers ‘ morals” and the “Beijing Municipal excellent party member”. Until the past two years, as long as the body is not allowed to, he still insists on standing on the podium.

Incorrectly credited

both as a physicist or a University Professor Huang Zuqia seriously towards science is well known.

In 1955, the Soviet Union agreed to China’s assistance to a heap (heavy water reactor) (accelerator), and Huang Zuqia in reactor group, following Qian sanqiang, the pioneers went to the Soviet Union to accept aid projects, such as training. Participate in only 5 years of work he had to learn, but found the problem in each other’s designs.

Soviet experts, the reactor needs 63 uranium rods to reach critical size, and Huang Zuqia himself out, turned out to be 56, differ by more than 10%. Supercritical reactor would cause an accident. He did not dare snub, immediately report to the leadership, and communicating with the Soviet experts. After repeated calculations, Soviet experts said with exasperation: “you may be right. “Sure enough, on the startup of the reactor critical experiment, whose results were confirmed.

Institute of theoretical physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Liu Jixing Huang Zuqia seriously was quite impressed. In 1996, he wrote a book, published in English, gave Huang Zuqia one. About a month later, Huang Zuqia find him, sent a few pages of paper says: “I found some errors in the book. “He opened it, both written with spelling mistakes on paper, there are data errors, writing crazy quilt. “Huang-Lao is so seriously that science did not miss any little thing. “He sighed.

But in terms of personal fame and gain, and Huang Zuqia are “confused”.

In 2004, Huang Zuqia 80 years old birthday, many scientists went to her birthday. Some of his colleagues and subordinates, were awarded the honor of two playing the hero, because of his own choices in life, and missed out on the high honor. Later it was an injustice for him, but he does not regret: “I had to do the work, it is a national need, and second, they are interested in, not because they do it can be a hero. When then what about incorrectly credited? “(By fuyifei)

“Two bombs and one satellite” outstanding contributions Huang Zuqia Memorial meeting held in Beijing

At 10 o’clock in the morning yesterday, Beijing Normal University Professor, “two bombs and one satellite” outstanding contributor, nuclear physicist Huang Zuqia Memorial Service held in the babaoshan funeral home. Huang Zuqia worked for lifetime learning, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, colleagues, teachers and students, as well as the family and the community to see.

At the beginning of the founding of new China, and Huang Zuqia development of China’s nuclear mission, to join the nuclear weapons research since then, in response to the national call, he “moved” and “two bombs and one satellite” research team. The Republic made great contributions to the cause of nuclear energy to explore avant in the “two bombs and one satellite” research breakthrough comes as Beijing Normal University to work as teachers, achieving a perfect “turned” and he will also last for a perfect end to their history in one meter of platform, education became in his later years his most beloved profession.


“we are Mr WONG’s students”

yesterday morning, Beijing’s skies are clouded. In front of babaoshan funeral home in East Hall, who offered condolences and the crowds have lined.

East Hall, Huang-Lao lying serenely in the flowers on the wall hung a picture of his smiling portrait. Teachers and students in Beijing Normal University and his alma mater Tsinghua University, and Huang Zuqia family, members of the community have come to, they were wearing white, stood with a solemn expression. When go to Huang Zuqia body sides, they slow down and hope once again to see this adorable experts and elders. Many had graying old man look dignified, never from Huang Zuqia, but for people who work and struggle in this area, he is leading authority in the field of nuclear physics, or as they put it: “we are all old students. “

Farewell, Huang Zuqia Zhang Yun, wife of Jean bent down, gently touching his face, stick your face gently, choked up several times. Aside daughter reach out and wipe away tears drips on the mother’s face, and whispered, “Dad, we always look up to you, we will always love you. “

Assisted Huang Zuqia worked for 13 years, as a former close aide to Beijing Normal University teacher Sang Haibo, Huang-Lao was not only a scholar, more like her family.

Introduce Sang Haibo, Huang Zuqia kind. “He encouraged the students to ask questions, even interrupted his class does not matter. “Huang-Lao not only for the students to answer, to colleagues and friends is also very kind. “He would ask about my monthly income is enough, and asked my child’s education. “Usually, Hang Sang Haibo Huang Zuqia home, not just on the Huang-Lao’s Assistant, is the family’s relatives. Although news of the illness of yellow are known in advance, but 7th still Sang Haibo caused significant disruptions in the death of Huang-Lao. “The days I was afraid to answer the phone, heard the news of the death of Huang-Lao. “

The oath

” pave the way I want to be a “

the” pave the way I want to be a person, bridging people, and young people together for eternity, I love from the bottom of them. “The expression of this is the hottest Education Huang Zuqia, is definitely not my choice.

Sang Haibo impression, Huang Zuqia is a careful, responsible for the good of the student teacher. “Each semester, each of more than more than 100 undergraduate students will hand in at least 5 page papers, Huang-Lao will carefully read every report, mark, although at the time he was more than 80 years old. “Until last year, also insisted on the platform as a medium of Huang Zuqia, health problems.

Sang Haibo told the Beijing morning news reporter, on October 16 last year, Huang-Lao was in poor physical shape, had been rushed to the Sino-Japanese friendship hospital, and was diagnosed. But to ensure that students do not delay, Huang-Lao school teach medical leave on several occasions to, after the end of, and then was sent back to the hospital. “For him, for the students, especially undergraduate teaching is a very important thing, he hoped that his country’s nuclear energy facilities to successors. “Sang Haibo said that in the eyes of Huang-Lao, nuclear physics is an esoteric subject, so he tries in an understandable manner to just walk into the college freshmen to teach physics. He hoped that in this way, young students ‘ interest in physics, and also hope that they have a passion and desire on scientific research. Therefore, in his class, he will be asked in detail about the classroom layout, software arrangement, student lists, and so on, and let Sang Haibo PPT content. Huang Zuqia living frugally, “Huang-Lao letter envelopes will be saved, and cut them open, as scraps of paper. “Sang Haibo said. (Morning news reporters Li Xiaojuan Liu Jia)

US media: China direct 18F antisubmarine aircraft too heavy, most ships could not carry

According to the United States website strategy page reported on September 10, China is now hyping its domestic new Z-18F anti-submarine helicopters, this is mainly because it wants to export. The model is viewed as acceptable to the Chinese-made the first anti-submarine warfare helicopters. This naval helicopter weighing 13 tons, carry dipping sonar, 32 of sonar buoys and up to 4 lightweight anti-submarine torpedo. However, the Z-18F is too heavy for most Chinese warships, used on aircraft carriers and amphibious ships. Z-18F seems to be the major upgrade of the earlier Z-8F, its weight and many Western naval ships used as anti-submarine helicopters.

Not satisfied with China’s Z-8 earlier naval helicopter. China eventually built 20 Z-8F, are used in some ships. In addition to weight, Z-8 also have a problem is that it is an imitation of similar products manufactured in other countries, but there is no hope of success. An example is the China imitation France SA-321 “Super Hornet” helicopter. SA-321 is commonly used to ship. China bought some SA-321 in the early 70 ‘s of the last century, then reverse imitation began in 1976, and production of domestic models. SA-321-clone first flew in 1985. But there are far too many technical problems, and France on imitation behavior in China is very dissatisfied with, and in a variety of ways to express their dissatisfaction.

Since then, China has spent more than 10 years to improve Z-8. The 90 ‘s of the last century, the Chinese developed more types of Z-8 for the army, some of them good, and put into production. But only about 6 entered service. China has continually improved, adding a more powerful engine, has done hundreds of technical improvements. In Z-18F prior to the advent of Z-8F performance of China believed that the moment is not good enough, not broad and sustainable use. Navy were happy with the original SA-321, but that Z-8 cloning is only suitable for limited use. It seems that China Z-8F some major upgrades, and add a higher quality domestic accessories.

Reports said the Chinese Navy to implement more important tasks, such as anti-submarine operations, buying Russia helicopter. China starting from the late 90, ordered 27 Russian-made Ka-28\/31 Navy helicopters, and apparently are satisfied with the aircraft. Weighs 12 tons of Ka-28 in 1982, began service in the Soviet Navy, used for anti-submarine helicopters. Ka-31 a larger radar equipment, used as early warning aircraft. Ka-28\/31 cruising speed of 205 km and maximum speed of 270 km. Two models of battery life is 3-4 hours, 4 tonnes payload, KA-28 and 3 Ka-31 is the Russia Navy’s equipment more luxurious Ka-27 export-oriented. This series there is no Western Navy helicopter of Navy helicopter perfect, reliable and reputable, but Ka-27 have a much lower cost, performance is good. China believes that the Z-18F performance and Russia as well as helicopters.  

Aerospace Science and industry Corporation engineering translation: origin of the Hypersonic vehicle

Dou Shimin

gentlemen Dou Shimin

senior engineer of the China Aerospace Science and industry Corporation by 23 at the 2

Hypersonic is cutting-edge technology being developed in this century’s new project. It is also known as “near space the Hypersonic vehicle” (NSHV). This aircraft flying at an altitude above ground level 20~100km the atmosphere of space, the space underneath the low Earth orbit satellites orbit, General aircraft flying at an altitude above, including the stratosphere, Mesosphere and part of the thermosphere. Near space areas is yet to be developed.

In the 1960 of the 20th century, the advent of intercontinental ballistic missiles, manned aircraft launching, manned spacecraft successfully returned a series of major scientific and technological achievements come out, marks mankind has entered a new era of hypersonic aircraft, also means the spacecraft and aircraft to enter the age of hypersonic vehicles.

Hypersonic flight speeds are above 5 times the speed of sound, the Mach 5 (MH), 6,000-kilometer\/h or more. According to reports, the Hypersonic weapons 6,000-kilometer about 35 minutes of flight, flying at about 10,285-kilometer, 8.4 times times the speed.

From technology of angle analysis, high supersonic aircraft while Fusion has space and Aviation of many frontier technology, these frontier technology and traditional aircraft technology compared, main has following several aspects features: complex of pneumatic characteristics; with Super burning stamping engine; aircraft body and engine integration; aircraft body and advance system and aircraft structure dynamic Zhijian coupled strong; aircraft model nonlinear degrees high; aircraft flight height, and speed span big; flight environment complex, moments changeable ; Tremendous change of thermal characteristics of aerodynamic characteristics and gas; control of high accuracy, Terminal guidance is difficult.

Origin of the Hypersonic vehicle, can be seen from the analysis of the following factors.

From the perspective of the anti-missile system

in the Soviet Union started to design the A-135 missile used States anti-missile system realized: to intercept a speed of 5~10 kilometers per second into the atmosphere of nuclear bombs, missiles should also be fitted with nuclear warheads. In other words, an enemy bomb is expected through the area, the Soviet interceptor missiles to destroy targets through nuclear explosion. Therefore, the national missile defense system needs a high supersonic aircraft carrying a nuclear bomb.

From the angle of attackSee, super high speed aircraft to missile defense system threaten the very big due to speed and small target scattering cross section, mobile, existing anti-missile systems have been unable to intercept. This will to a certain extent to change existing patterns of war.

Hypersonic missiles have 6th generation breakthrough in aviation technology related. Hypersonic is an extremely effective tool of suppression. Modern radar equipment to distinguish the Hypersonic Flight. Now does not exist, it is difficult to foresee when intercepting Hypersonic missile tool appears.

From the perspective of space shuttle

X-37B (Boeing Company) is a miniature space shuttle, known as “space fighter”, can quickly enter the orbital maneuver, after completion of the task can be the re-entry, glide landing base. It is called “space plane”, because X-37B represent the pattern of future air and space combat, which quickly launched into orbit by the rocket platform, waiting time at the track. And X-37B also can perform the task to combat enemy satellites in orbit, orbital combat “all-rounder”.

In March 2011, X-37B by a rocket into orbit, planned flight 9 months flew again after 6 months. June 2012 to return to Earth. The machine weighs about 5 tons, 8.8 meters long and 2.9 meters high, a wingspan of 4.6 meters, speed of Mach 25.

Russia physico-mathematical candidate Nikola · Grigorev said: “routine Hypersonic missile speed is Mach 2~3. We hope the aircraft exceeded Mach 6. This Hypersonic aircraft we have ever had, like ‘ storm ‘, the space shuttle, it enters the dense atmosphere speed of Mach 25. Today’s task is to get the flying ‘ autonomy ‘ and also can independently develop and maintain a high supersonic velocities. “It is easy to see Russia in the development of hypersonic vehicle is to consider the transformation of research achievements of the space shuttle, gives birth to Hypersonic aircraft model was born.

From the angle of the development of unmanned aircraft systems

as early as in the 1960 of the 20th century, United States research D-21 high speed, high altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, using impulse engines, service ceiling up to 29,000 meters, and maximum speed of Mach 3.35. United States claimed the model is unable to shoot down any anti-aircraft weapons. Developing such a high altitude, high speed drones, weaknesses that cannot afford modern air defense systems, and the new weapon of attack.

Later, United States X-43A\/B is also studied, and Hypersonic. X-43A 9.7 Mach to Hypersonic record, a shock to the world, is compelling.

According to reports, United Kingdom MQ-9″Death” drone successfully completed missile launch tests, the aircraft dropped “Brimstone” dual mode missile, 9 had succeeded in hitting the target, its guide millimeter-wave and semi-active laser guidance integrated. Put on the height of 6096 meters, put a distance of 7~12 kilometers. Operator to manually and automatically tracked targets. This test has a different meaning, if there is nuclear missiles, this trial is successful, also means that airburst nukes don’t have to done by people in the future. In addition, the drone bombing, this is commonplace.

In February this year, United Kingdom Ministry of defence and BEA jointly announced the first stealth unmanned aircraft systems group “Thor”. The aircraft can be X-47B with the United States and France have developed a “neuron” compared to drones, scheduled to be commissioned in 2030. This machine is characterized by good stealth performance, fast speed, high survival capability and reliability. The machine has a maximum takeoff weight of 8,000 kilograms, Captain 12-metre wingspan of 10 metres, height 3.98 m, Adoul 951 engine and a delta wing. This machine can be used anywhere in the world via a satellite data link control is currently for semi-automatic operation, controlled by a ground station, target information back to ground stations across the network, to be upgraded to a fully automatic in the future.

Unmanned aircraft systems become effective tools for the global fight against this development thinking and development of hypersonic vehicles aimed at the same, which indicates that both research and development may converge.

From the perspective of ASAT

Titans produced by high altitude solar-powered drone, with a wingspan of 60 m, and 3000 on the wing panels, payload up to 115 kg. The aircraft can be flown in the 20,000-meter height to 5 years. Would be similar to the Earth-synchronous satellite, available as a special communication device can also speed of 1G\/s data transmission (it’s harder than a lot of countries have developed faster broadband speeds).

In addition, the purpose behind this trial, could also take advantage of the drone replacement satellite fake satellite failure, probably will develop anti-satellite tool. This research and development trends, also showed that ASAT is a necessary means of war battle for air supremacy in the future, but also developing Hypersonic aims to also indicate that research and development on the anti-satellite issue may practice. X-37B can perform the task to combat enemy satellites in orbit.

From the perspective of anti aircraft carrier battle group

standard defensive missile, capable of striking mobile targets such as supersonic bomber, it can’t handle Hypersonic gliding vehicle. If Hypersonic gliding vehicle hit the target directly, using conventional warheads, would be enough to make the carrier exits fight. United States through carrier battle group the Navy wants to United States military strategic vision projected into the crisis area, Hypersonic vehicles would pose a serious threat to —— this would undermine United States naval dominance in the Pacific.

Experts predict that once served high supersonic anti-ship missiles, weaponry could lead to regular air raids and air defense weapons and equipment changes.

In the 1970 of the 20th century, the Soviet Union was the first to use SS-NX-13 ballistic missiles, anti-ship missiles, whose range was 700~1100 km, flight speed Mach 4 or above, mainly used to attack the United States aircraft carrier fleet. But it did not serve, probably because final guidance does not pass, accuracy is poor.

Above, high supersonic aircraft is based on aviation and space technology of development, by proposed of days base on to new development weapons project, contains level landing space carries device, and again into aircraft, and high supersonic cruise aircraft, variety type, they has flight speed fast, and flight height high, and military response capacity fast, and high bursting anti-capacity, and can in short time within arrived in global any a area, implementation combat various military target. This relative strength on the international strategic situation, military, technological and economic development, have a major and far-reaching impact. It will be a century of aeronautical and Astronautical technology research and development of new high ground, and inventions following aircraft in aviation history, the aircraft flew at supersonic speed after a breakthrough, is the third milestone of landmark.

Ukraine Government decided to build at the border with Russia, “borders”

According to ITAR-TASS, 11th, Ukraine Government’s decision and Russia building at the border, “border wall.” Quoted Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the President said the Ugandan Government plans to Russian-Uzbek border to build consists of the explosion-proof enclosure “border wall”, with a total length of 60 km, and complemented by 1500 km long trench, a large number of bunkers and bomb shelters, to stop enemy incursions into Wu territory, however, Petro Poroshenko, did not disclose where and when it will be started.

Russian State Duma member commented, this is not conducive to peaceful coexistence between Russia and Ukraine, the two countries should build bridges instead of boundary walls and moats. Russia military experts first section refers to the plan costly, questioned Ukraine lack adequate financial resources. (Liu Yupeng)

Act media: China’s high profile public red flag 10, intercept missiles at low altitude to respond quickly

CCTV exposure flag 10 air defense missile (file photo)

, according to Agence France-Presse reported on 11th, China exposing the latest military equipment —— “Hongqi-10″ surface-to-air missiles. Reports in the official television, 10th in the missile fired from the ships and land mobile devices, then destroyed the intended target in the air. In a limited area, it helps to protect warships from missile attack, also in line with “regional defense system.”

Reports of “Hongqi-10″ at a distance of 1.5 m-10 m height in the sea to destroy enemy targets, which can be targeted within 10 seconds. It was stated that such missiles could be used to protect ground forces from “aircraft, UAVs and cruise missiles” attack. The modern magazine Deputy Editor Lan Yun said, as a naval point defense missile system “Hongqi-10″ for the low-altitude missile defense system failed to intercept the reaction speed is especially fast.

With “Hongqi-10″ than Turkey intends to buy attention “red flag 9″ high exposure rate. However, the United States shortly before the Defense News reported that earthwork intended to abandon the purchase of “Hongqi-9″ missiles to buy European companies.

Red flag 10 air defense missile (file photo)

frigate armed the red flag 10 missiles (file photo)

US media: China and the West too staged “range war”, China suppressing us

Eagles-62 long-range anti-ship missiles, China (file photo)

United States the national interest Magazine September 10 article, topic: constantly improve China’s military power: the United States how to deal with it?

Beauty is in the Western Pacific put on a “range war” —— for the individual competition of missiles and aircraft and how far he can hit the target. As the two sides continued action in this direction, and Pacific potential competition for space is expanding. Although weapons and missile tactics this topic seems boring and obscure, but if crisis, these specific problems will be greatly affected both the policy choice —— choice of limitations may adversely affect national macro strategies.

60 years ago, Washington’s worries about China’s power projection capabilities, limiting defeated and Matsu. Now we know that in 1996 the third Taiwan Strait crisis (of which United States aircraft carrier battle groups to the region), as well as stunning combat performance in the US forces in the 1991 Gulf war, prompting Chinese leaders to overhaul the military, the core is to create “anti-access” Navy, air force and missile capability. After nearly 20 years, and now the project is still in development, which is deep in the Western Pacific resulting in a people’s Liberation Army-led security zone. If any future crisis, this would force the enemy feel hesitate to enter the security zone. In 2007, the Taiwan crisis has only 11, RAND Corporation, United States Air Force wrote a research report that, if the recurrence of such a crisis, the Americans may be lost to people’s Liberation Army and its “anti-access” forces.

US forces in the Pacific has really been of Chinese missiles and aircraft range and range further afield “beyond” it? Chinese warship and submarine-launched anti-ship cruise missile, like the Eagles-83, SS-N-22 “sunburn” and SS-N-27 the “hot” range were over the US Navy’s old “Harpoon” anti-ship cruise missiles. So if the outbreak of surface naval warfare, a US Navy ship was hit by Chinese missile, counter survives can only be arrived at within range.

United States policymakers may count on the comparative advantages of submersibles and undersea warfare to defeat your opponent. But China’s ground-based air and missile forces another layer of trouble caused to regional allies and Americans: the Chinese Navy missile, they also have a range of advantages. In the not too distantFuture Chinese fighter may also equip “Eagles-12″ anti-ship cruise missiles, and thus potential threats to China’s goal of up to 1900 km. This will surpass the American carrier aircraft and Navy “Tomahawk” land attack missiles.

Arsenal, China has a large number of land based attack ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles, in the West too repression United States military bases. Beijing also has air-launched cruise missile, capable of striking out of the 3300 km (farther than the Guam and the Strait of Malacca) fixed land targets. The famous “Dongfeng” anti-ship ballistic missiles, armed with guidance and tactical warheads, could end up in the West too activities of United States aircraft carriers and other warships pose new challenges. (Robert · Haddik, translation of Wang Beizhe)

Eagles-62 long-range anti-ship missiles, China (file photo)

long sword-10 cruise missile, China (file photo)

-21C Dongfeng medium-range ballistic missile (file photo)

the Dongfeng 11 short-range (file photo)

Russia successfully test-fired “bulava” intercontinental ballistic missile, hit the far East destination

People September 12 hearing, according to Reuters news from Moscow, on September 10, Russia successfully test-fired from submarines “bulava” (Bulava) ICBMs. The missile is 12 meters long, and its nuclear strike capability can be 100 times times the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Russia President Vladimir Putin on the same day, said Russia must maintain a nuclear deterrent in response to growing security threats. Russia, Admiral Cirkov (Viktor Chirkov) said the intercontinental missile from the white sea waters to test-fire missile struck in Russia’s far East region of.

Ukraine crisis led to Russia’s relations with the West have deteriorated, Putin greater control over the defence industry Monitoring Committee and called for Russia to reduce its dependence on imported equipment in the West. Putin said NATO is using Ukraine crisis to seek rehabilitation, noting that Russia has repeatedly said must respond to this trend. “We need Russia’s military security, reliable and complete assessment of the potential threat. To any kind of threat, we should find plenty of ways to cope. “Putin said at a meeting in the Kremlin. (Nintendo)